Monday, 18 August 2008

Searchlights and Sirens, the Ad

Hello everybody, I'm back on my feet at last with just a minor cough lingering on. Still not really cooking, though. For example, this week after work I have yoga on Monday, and rehearsals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The weekend was pretty packed, too, with all-day rehearsals for choir concert and burlesque show on Sunday. Yes, two all day rehearsals in one day. Don't ask.

Anyway, please come to my stuff. For Searchlight and Sirens, you need to call the Ainslie Football Club on 6248 8422 to book, as there is a two course meal involved. If you need vegetarian meals or other special diets, tell them when you book. There's a facebook event version, if you care for that sort of thing. The cost is $50 for dinner and show. Drinks extra.

It's going to be great fun - lots of vintage fashion and song and dance. I'm mostly dressed as a land army girl in my RetroSpec'd outfit. It's burlesque, which for the uninitiated means there is some sexual innuendo (oooh-err) and stripping, but it's in fun and only part way, not at all in a sleazy strip club style. About PG rated.

I don't have a flyer for the choir concert yet, but it's 3pm on Sunday September 7th, at the Wesley Music Centre in Forrest. It's romantic music in several senses, from madrigals and other songs of lurrve, to actual romantic composers Schubert and Brahms. That's two days before I go to China. Cutting it fine, there...


Zoe said...

Wish I was going to China!

Glad to hear you're better - must have been the tinned ravioli ; )

Cath said...

It does wonders. Sort of like chicken soup but with more cheese and tomato :)