Friday, 15 August 2008

Internet Salmagundi IV

How to poach an egg - with pictures of attempts gone hilariously wrong.

How to make American buttermilk pancakes.

Eat yoghurt! The official food of women.

Oh. My. God.

It looks like I might be in the wrong job.

Some American nutters are trying to boycott Maccas because they have gay-friendly employee policies. Even this isn't enough to get me to go there, but I do hope the loonies are not organising anything by email.

The bloke sent me a brilliant wrongcard. What a cool site - I wandered about and stumbled on this expression of cephalopod joy. And from there I was inspired in a totally, absolutely no way is this safe for work, or children with weak hearts, or impressionable grandparents, or possibly even your sanity, my god this is full of adult themes kind of way, I was moved to revisit the Ghastly comics. It ran from 2001 to 2006, more or less weekly. This beginning cracked me up and is sort of safe-ish. Beyond, there be monsters. Warning: contains extremely explicit sex scenes, nudity, adult themes, tentacle monsters, hentai, futanari, chibis, furries and Drunk and Bitter Jesus. Don't go there, OK?


BJ said...


snort snort snort...

LOVED the poached eggs, altho I wish I could send pix of me making a hybrid purrfect poached egg, using the 'whirlwind in a frying pan of water' method. *I* can make a nice egg that way...

Salmagundi purrfect on a Friday morning Over Here. hope this means you are feeling a big better?


Finisterre said...

The poached eggs post was HILARIOUS! Thank you that made my evening!!