Friday, 29 August 2008

Internet Salmagundi V

I found an entire blog dedicated to "cake wrecks" - when cake decoration goes horribly wrong. Misspellings and sheer incompetence are the least of it. Check this one post for a sampler. Disembodied heads, deformed feet, and more. Scarily more - some of them are really well-made facsimiles of things that should never be made in cake form...

Icecream is just like rock. No, seriously. In several  ways. Science nerdy, but not a joke.

What does it take to win an award for a great wine list? This critic made up a fake restaurant, submitted it to the Wine Spectator magazine, and won an award! Page down to look at the Wine Spectator magazine's own reviews for the wines he put on the premium list. Too funny!

Bioephemera is great, wandering around the intersection of art, biology, aesthetics. I enjoyed this couple of art posts. Have a look at these skeletons, done in a manner reminiscent of Edward Hopper, and this art nouveau cat.

A recent lolcat must make an appearance, because it's just so true.



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