Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I think I'm allergic to July

Yes, it's August now, but this gives me hope that my current lurgi will be the last one of the season. That encephalitis virus arrived right at the beginning of July, and my current delightful house lung guests, the Hemophilus influenzae bacteria, turned up at the end of July. My "cold" last week got worserer. A course of heavy duty antibiotics and a lot of lying down is my current plan. Boot out those damn lodgers!

So yeah, I'm not cooking and not eating out much. In a brief spurt of pseudo-recovery on the weekend, I managed to eat out just enough to meet my Canberra Times commitments And to make a proper pasta dinner, with a sauce out of the freezer. But that's all. Nothing seriously worth blogging. I even missed that talk at ANU, damn it.

Things I've been eating & drinking:
* tinned soup
* tinned ravioli
* tinned spaghetti
* yoghurt (probiotic kind, should help with the antibiotic digestive side effects)
* Lean Cuisine pastas
* prepack custard and tinned fruit
* takeaway laksa (thanks to the bloke)
* hot Ribena - with and without rum
* hot toddies
* black tea with honey, and maybe brandy

I know, I know. Tinned spaghetti & ravioli are abominable crimes against Italy, but I don't think of them as pasta, just as weird invalid food. Some of the new tinned soups aren't bad, though. Especially those tetra pack veggie ones. I even eat those for lunch when I'm well.


Zoe said...

Hi Cath - I put up a post about the talk, which was excellent. She said she wants to do some interviews (casual lunchy type ones) before she leaves town on the 25/8, so let me know if you're keen and I'll send you her email.

BJ said...

Sorry you can't escape lurgy-land. Here - wheeeeeeeeeeeesplot! - is some troll-strength gettingwell Norsk vitamin and health-loaded spirit of the Viking wind to help you get better.

We land today, with our TWELVE pieces of luggage. See blog for why so many! Post offices rool for us!

Pats all round, especially to undeserving furry skivers. Bearded seals made me go sooky cos of the beards. Hopeless.