Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ainslie IGA

Yesterday I popped into the Ainslie IGA after my evening yoga class. It's been a long time since I was last there, and it seems like it has expanded. Either that or my memory sucks. Anyway, it's an interesting IGA to browse around.

They have a clientele that is obviously a lot more gourmet and green conscious than my Watson local. You can tell this, because they stock a lot more organic products, including meat, and lots of vegetarian pseudo-meat things. They also have a large range of Poachers' Pantry smoked meats, good Italian bread, and fresh fish, and a rather good deli section. I wasn't produce shopping, but as I walked past it all looked nice and fresh.

They do BBQ chickens at the deli - but not just ordinary ones. There's free range. I really wanted to buy one of those, but they'd sold out, so I just got the regular kind. As BBQ chooks go it's a whisker on the superior side of the standard. The stuffing is the usual greasy stodge, but it does seem to actually taste of a few herbs, and the chook itself wasn't overdone. Nice coleslaw, too.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!

Why cant all IGAs be equal?? Ainslie rocks! O'Connor sucks. Lyneham is passable & Watson is much better than Lyneham & O'Connor!! Im sick of buying crap!!

Zoe said...

They had a zhooj up last year.

On the chook front, the ones at Watson used to be tastier, but have gone downhill in the last year or so - have you found the same?

Cath said...

Well, if they were all equal, the wouldn't be IGAs - Independent Grocers. Anon, I agree on your ratings.

Zoe, I haven't bought BBQ chooks in ages so sorry, I can't really say.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, cath :)... I hope i didnt seem too agressive with my ratings?? God...i only wish someone would zjoush up the O'Connor local !!! Off topic, do you think you could do a food review of the Ali Baba Restaurant opposite the Jolimont centre on Northbourne Ave. It looks like they have done a bit of a renovation on one side & from where im sitting on the bus, its looking good!! The menu looks interesting with mixed plates & all but i think they need a review !!

Rachel said...

I've just found this blog, and really like it.

I enjoy Ainslie and Watson IGAs, and for me, Ainslie is the best. It's a standard, reliable spot to grab what groceries I need. Fabulous - and the free range BBQ chickens are great, as is the free range packed chicken (that I notice Woollies also does, but I prefer to buy at IGA). The service is great.