Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Yes, that's me reviewing Pangaea in today's Canberra Times. And I'll be doing a few more reviews for them. It's an exciting opportunity, and it's been interesting to learn how the whole process works. I'm not entirely happy with how it reads - there's a house style that I'm yet to feel at home in - but it's my first. Yay!

Meanwhile, back at the blog, I've got a big post on chestnuts coming up soon, so stay tuned.


infoaddict said...

You mean I have to go buy the paper? Yoicks!

And CONGRATS!!!! That's brilliant!! Waiting for the next one now ... :)

BJ said...

hey Cath, everyone should have a famous friend. thanks for filling my gap!

congrats, I see what you mean about the house style, but I still think it's clearly you. and the extra info about the meaning of the name, and the chef's background is really welcome.

go grrrl!