Friday, 18 April 2008

A Few Words about the Parlour

A few words about the new Parlour Wine Room, and then I'm off. The Parlour is a lounge bar in the old Hotel Acton, part of that massive new development down the lake end of Marcus Clark St. There's a restaurant and cafe there, too.

It's a great atmosphere, lots of lounges and comfy chairs, and old wood and Toulouse-Lautrec posters. The wine list is massive, and heaps of it is available by the glass. The cocktail list has major classics. The whisky list is by someone who knows their stuff. For food, they do a lot of salty tapas, and desserts. And it's open late even on weeknights - a perfect after theatre spot. A good find, it's one to add to the regular list.

So, anyway, I'm off. It's another weekend down the coast, and this time a proper dinner at The River Moruya. The cooking will be pretty light on next week, but I hope to have a post about books, and maybe one on eating without cooking.


Cameron said...

I got a message to meet at the bar tonight and cannot find it listed any where except your blog. Excellent pre-emptive strike on what appears to be a tidy location. (I love lounges....) Hopefully the staff are not too snooty.

Anonymous said...