Saturday, 5 April 2008

Muffins and Planning

Muffins again! The blueberry bran muffins last week were such a hit that I had to do them again, and this time I remembered to take a photo. They are delicious, especially hot from the oven, but beware! The bran makes them very filling. If you eat two, you won't want lunch.

We've been going through the calendar, and April is a crazy month. Apart from my usual music and dance classes, the calendar includes a play; two cabaret style concerts; my singing teacher's studio concert (I'm singing); a weekend down the coast; another commitment that I ain't tellin' about until next week; and the Anzac day "Tour de Pubs" (a long bicycle ride with lots of pub stops). Tomorrow I'm going nut picking with the Slow Food Canberra Convivium, but I just can't squeeze any of their other events into my April, much as I'd love to. May is starting to get booked, too...

So what are we going to eat? Last week I made a huge pot of chilli, and froze a good portion of it. I'm planning to defrost that after that weekend down the coast. This week I've got plans for a curry banquet - a kofta and egg curry, a dhal, and maybe a veggie curry, too. That should do two or three nights, perhaps with something leftover for the freezer, and I have okonomiyaki fixings, as well.


Anonymous said...

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Cath said...

I have no idea who you are, but lol, what?!! Surreality with fruit.

Mei said...

Why do I have to see this when I'm super hungry!? Why! lolz