Monday, 7 April 2008

Aussie Scotch Egg Curry

This started out as a real proper kofta curry recipe from the Madhur Jaffrey Curry Bible. Except that it's got kangaroo instead of lamb mince. And I added eggs. In a fit of humour I put them inside the koftas, so they're like scotch eggs, except not deep fried. Which makes it a Scotch Aussie Indian fusion dish. Oh, and there's some extra vegetables thrown in, too, because I got too tired and busy to make a separate veggie curry. It's very nice. Tasty. The Bloke approved.

Is it only me that thinks this is hilarious? Yes? OK, fair enough. Dried frog pills this way, thanks. I'll just have a little lie down now.

1 comment:

infoaddict said...

I LIKE it!! Another way to use up spares from the flock!! :)