Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hello to all my new fans!

Naturally my Canberra Times exposure yesterday will have caused me to catapult to fame, fortune, stardom and all that. I'm waiting for my book contract now, and the movie deals. I would like my role to be played by Cate Blanchett, thank you. Katherine Hepburn would have been even more ideal but she's sadly a bit dead. Diana Rigg would also be a good choice. Any minute now, right?

So hi and welcome to any new readers. As you can see from the archives, I've been doing this a while, mostly for my own amusement and my friends. I'm also trying to create a bit of a resource for my fellow Canberra region cooking enthusiasts. I am not the Canberra Cook; I write a blog titled The Canberra Cook.

There's an index of reviews and recipes down the left of the page somewhere. And a set of tags for topics. My alphabet series has stalled at M, but I promise to get back to it soon.

In my local news:
* The little fig tree has grown up enough to produce a modest crop. It's very nicely ripening 3-4 fruit a day. Just enough for me to eat for breakfast.

* The rosemary needs a big trim to get it off the pathway. Does anyone want some? Or have any suggestions for using up a lot of it, rather than just chucking the trimmings in the compost?

* And my pantry has gone. The bathroom renovation plans met reality on Tuesday; and reality won. All the pantry contents are now piled into a few boxes, three of which are the actually the containers from the worm farm that I failed to get going three times. They're all over the kitchen floor and bench.

So I'm going to be living without a pantry now until we get some kitchen updates done. Could be months, or even a couple of years. I hope not that long, but I haven't had a bath for seven years now, so who knows? We plan to get some make-do shelving into the laundry on the weekend, so stuff will get off the floor. Meanwhile I suppose I can chuck out all the outdated stuff that got lost up the back of the shelves.


kazari said...

Congratulations! It must feel really good : )

sorry about the pantry.

Given your new status as Canberra Food Goddess, my I ask a question? Do you know anywhere in canberra that serves interesting mocktails? We need to farewell a friend who can't drink.

Roving Lemon said...

Congratulations! Is the article online? I forgot to get a copy of Wednesday's paper, and searches aren't turning anything up.

Cath said...

Sorry, it's not on line. Some time when the dust settles I'll try to scan it in.

Basically they talked to 3 of us bloggers: me, Zoe at , and Rebecca at

Rebecca is new to me - and she's a neighbour. I must go say hi, and add her to my list.

infoaddict said...

I ran around the office saying "Look! I KNOW her!!". People were suitably impressed. (That's what it means when they move away gently, right?).

Bunch up the rosemary and hang it upside-down somewhere dry and away from direct sunlight to dry. Then break it into nice little cloth containers and scatter throughout clothing, linen, etc for moth-prevention and nice smells.

It's best to contain it somehow because otherwise the dried leaves do break off rather, and leave bits everywhere. (Done it before *blush*)

Also, rosemary propagates very readily from cuttings; stick a few in sandy ground where you want a nice-smelling hedge and see what happens??

Bummer on no pantry!! Good luck with storage!!

infoaddict said...

Note: @Duck has got Zoe's article up on her flickr site ( and follow the links) - Cath's article is partly there, but not complete.

Cath said...

Thanks, Fi. I do intend to scan it later, but I'm not opening the study door while there's this much cement dust and crap and noise.

Cath said...

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about the mocktails. I have had success asking for one to be invented for me at Trinity. But at Hippo it got me the big sneer. The Parlour is a great venue, and if I'm not drinking there, then I take an alternative treat and order off the dessert menu. I haven't yet tried asking for a mocktail there, so I don't know for sure, but generally I've had good & friendly bar service.

Anonymous said...

The Julep Lounge above Abel's music in Manuka is also a good spot for mocktails.

Cath said...

Nice work there, anon: the Julep Lounge actually has mocktails on their menu.

KJ said...

Hi Cath I was looking for an address to email you, but I couldn't find one. Anyway, I wanted to ask you where you buy coco nibs?

And congrats on your star turn!! I thought it was a great article. I was a bit disappointed they didn't publish a full picture of you though.

Ozquilter said...

Well done, Cath, tis a good thing. I too am waiting for the film with a vignette of your early life in SUMS perhaps so I can play myself? Katherine Hepburn is a seriously good choice, what a bugger that she is no longer with us.

kazari said...

Thanks Cath!
We ended up going to Tongue and Groove, where the cocktail makers were friendly and obliging (oh, and good looking enough that one of our party forgot to wait for his change...)

snerd said...

I'm waiting for CtCC branded body splash ...