Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chilli Con Not Very Much Skippy

I talked about my generic spag bog recently; and generic chilli is very much the same except with different herbs and spices. And kidney beans.

Today I thought I'd do a quick weigh-in of the veggies before cleaning them. It turns out that this time I'm using:
200g onions
400g mushrooms
400g zucchini
400g capsicum
400g tinned tomato
750g fresh tomato
500g kangaroo mince

What I'm doing right now is cooking the mince mixture without adding any flavours at all. After about half an hour simmering to reduce the moisture, I'll be freezing half of it. That will be the base to make another chilli or a spag bog. Each potful will probably serve up around 6 meals, once you add a baked potato or spaghetti and some salad to the dinner.

Pretty frugal on the meat, eh? That works out to about 42g of low-fat meat per serving. And yet the meat-loving bloke does not complain; in fact he loves these two household staple dishes. The Heart Foundation would surely give me a tick for this one! Until they saw how much cheese I add, but we won't mention that, will we?


kazari said...

No beans?


Not even refried?

kazari said...

Hey, I just saw the Canberra Times! Congratulations : )

Cath said...

The beans went in later, with all the spices, after I'd frozen the generic base.

I didn't weigh them, sorry. "Lots" is the generic measure - for half that meat/veg mix, I would guesstimate that I used 3 cups of cooked beans.

Cath said...

Oh, and thanks!