Saturday, 7 March 2009

EPIC Chaos

The EPIC markets are back after the show, and they are bigger than ever. Some changes have been made - there's a list on the website. Basically, the two sheds have been renovated into one huge shed, and the carpark has been moved. You can't get in by the service station any more. There's access from Flemington Road somewhere - past the racecourse and turn right into the showground and wiggle around. Or you can go in from Wells Station road, which is up Northbourne, past the old access road, turn left on the dirt road.

It was chaos today - no-one understood the parking. There were guides explaining but still a lot of very confused people. And then inside, no-one knew where to find their favourite stalls. The recently adopted "two sheds" policy, separating the actual growers and producers from the agents and re-sellers made no sense any more, since it's now one big shed. It should settle down soon as people learn their way around, and it's good to have more space. They've also provided some disabled parking spots; and about time.

The one lasting problem I can see is with the Wells Station Road access. It's a mess. Getting in there, on a left turn from Northbourne, is OK. But it's a dirt road, and with how much traffic? It's bound to need work soon. And getting out from there has the potential to be downright dangerous. You need to turn right onto Northbourne (Federal Highway), and there's no traffic light and unaware, fast-moving, on-coming traffic.

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