Saturday, 11 July 2009

My very own truffle

Even though there will still not be very much cooking going on, I made it to the EPIC growers' market at the unusually early time for me of 8am. These truffle sellers were out there with their stock sitting under glass. I tried to take a picture of the huge one that would sell for over $1000, but my crappy phone camera didn't do so well at that. They are happy to cut the truffles up for you, though - they didn't think anyone would actually buy the big one. I've got a 22g piece at $66; friend Fi has twice that much.

I thought it might be a little bit frustrating wandering round the market and not being able to buy much. But actually it was rather fun. We have a short trip planned, and we still need to paint the kitchen and clean up the problems, so I'm only buying the most immediate things. I haven't been out there for a while, but there haven't been very many changes since my last time. Poachers Pantry have a van there now, and I think the gentleman selling Tsakiris Greek sweets is quite new. He has proper baklava with walnuts, and wonderful honey fritters. Yum!

I bought just a few things - half a dozen bagels, a jar of stringybark honey, a punnet of swiss brown mushrooms, four quinces, a bunch of tatsoi, and some slices of Bundewarra ham. We'll use all these very soon. I'm putting the quinces in to bake now - they are perfuming the kitchen wonderfully.

And here is the truffle back home in action. I've put it in a box with a dozen week-old free-range eggs from Fi's chooks, and a packet of arborio rice. Now it can sit for a few days in the fridge just doing its scent thing. The rice will keep for some time, but the eggs and the truffle itself will need using sooner. I'm thinking of making simple omelettes for Bastille Day, perhaps.

This piccie also provides a very tiny sneak preview of the kitchen. The white sparkly benchtop is just visible in front between the fabric sample bundles. And there's some of the teal and white mosaic splashback tiles in shot, too. Hmmm... Purple cushions for the built in seat, perhaps?


BJ said...

Have you spoken to your style consultant about the purple cushions?????

And... cor at your truffled eggs. Cor, cor cor..

Canberra Girl said...

I bought my first truffle on Saturday too, from the Mart Deli at Fyshwick. It came with lots of information/instructions which was thoughtful. The smell was amazing, earthy, savoury and intense. I put it in a jar with an egg but then decided to eat it that evening with friends. I cooked fettucine, tossed it with butter and parmesan then grated the truffle on top. A 30g truffle was enough for entree sized servings of pasta for four. I think it was more about the aroma than the taste, which was quite elusive. The smell was really intense, though and sort of stayed with me for quite a while. After reading about them for so long it was great to finally get my hands on a truffle. Are there any predictions about the length or success of the season? I wonder how long the truffles will be around for.

Cath said...

Canberra Girl, I'm told the truffles should be around until the end of July.