Thursday, 9 July 2009


I'm on a roll with these short excitable titles.

Anyway, I am feeling rather pissed off with Perfect Italiano cheese for their new (to me) and repulsive "perfect man" ad. That slimy git who practises his "listening face" needs a good kick up the arse. Or more specifically, since the git is imaginary, the advertising agency that thought of that sexist bullshit and the executives that approved it need a good arse-kicking. I wish I hadn't taken their free cheese the other month. I shall now buy Millel instead.

And while on the topic of cheesiness, the kitchen renovations have dragged on a lot longer than planned. And so the takeaway and microwave have been in more use than I had hoped. TurkOz pide is a very fine thing, especially the spinach and cheese, which is brilliantly cheesy in exactly the right way. And I have discovered that a sandwich press is very good at reheating pide slices.

Also, I have recently eaten Weight Watchers frozen cannelloni and Healthy Choice lasagna. (They were on special, OK?). The weight watchers one is bland and curiously empty-tasting. It's much improved by a lot of extra grated cheese and a splash of chilli sauce. The Healthy Choice lasagne is a bit better - still bland, but more creamy and mouth-filling, somehow. It's probably all gums and flavourings, since it's 3% fat. I'm just not going to read the label.

I'm having vague fancies of what to do when I get the kitchen up and running again. Truffle risotto, duck cassoulet, truffled eggs...


KJ said...

Oh I hate that add too! What's with the one where he cooks a pizza for a duck? I don't get it.

BJ said...

how long til you expect the reno to be OVER?? here's a bit of cyber-encouragement, and a selfless offer to come and eat truffled goodies when you're up again and need a slaveringly appreciative audience.


that's me.

Beth said...

I LURV that ad! It's so tongue-in-cheek and totally not meant to be taken seriously! When I think of the auditions for a "sensitive man" it cracks me up. And hey, free cheese is free cheese! B2