Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Shopping news

Today's Canberra Times reports a couple of interesting changes. EPIC markets have been rearranged, so the big shed now houses only stalls run by people who sell their own produce. The small shed will have all the others. This is a very good idea, and I'm looking forward to checking it out on Saturday. I wonder where the bakers and coffee roasters will go.

Also, my friend Beth and I recently noticed that the "Jones the Grocer" store is no more. It's now labelled "Manuka Fine Foods". It was closed when we were there, so we couldn't ask anyone for the story. The Canberra Times now explains that the former franchisee, Shelley Thompson, is still running the shop. She wanted to stock more locally sourced produce - some of which competes with the Jones lines - and expand on the deli and catering arms of the business. Her ideas didn't fit with the corporate requirements for franchisees, and so there has been a parting of ways.

This sounds quite promising to me. While I do enjoy Jones the Grocer, I have found them to be rather high priced. And Jones the Grocer may be opening a new Manuka store... I wish Ms Thompson luck, and hope that Canberra can support both.

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