Thursday, 3 January 2008

101 things in 1001 days

It's a simple plan: make a list of 101 things that you want to do in the next 1001 days. They must be specific, measurable things - you need to know exactly whether to check an item off, or not. Some should be easy, and some should require more effort. You can include habit changes, but only if there is a specific measure of success. I stumbled on this idea and liked it immediately - and even more when icanhascheezburger mystically endorsed my plan! Best of all, I worked out that if I start tomorrow, 4th January 2008, then I can finish it on my birthday, 1st October 2010.

It's surprisingly hard to think of 101 things, so number 1 will be "finish making the list"! I'll make that my first achievement for tomorrow... Maybe. I still need to specify success criteria for some of the vaguer ones, so I won't cross that off until I have it on my spreadsheet.

And now I've learned how to hide bulky posts, the list is hidden below the fold.

The List
1 see 12 movies in the cinema
2 go to a Blues festival each year
3 see something at the Erindale theatre
4 see Spamalot
5 see an art exhibition
6 go to live theatre 12 times

7 learn how to put posts “below the fold” on blogspot First! (4/1/08)
8 give away 101 things (not books or clothes)
9 get my taxes up to date
10 tidy and discard unwanted old food magazines
11 make a will
12 get my personal papers filing system sorted out
13 fix & update choir website regularly
14 clear out all the stuff behind the couch & on kitchen bench
15 give away 101 books to good cause
16 do my taxes on time each year
17 take 101 items of clothing to the charity bin
18 sort out my digital photos – labels, albums

Fitness & Health
19 get under 80kg
20 get under 85kg
21 walk the two bridges 3 times
22 cycle round the scrivener dam basin
23 walk up Mt Ainslie
24 go for a walk 6 days a week for a month
25 do a season of yoga classes in 2008
26 jog around block without stopping
27 swing dance regularly
28 get under 75kg
29 try some new physical activity
30 do a season of yoga classes in 2009
31 do yoga outside of class
32 walk up Mt Ainslie without stopping
33 go for a day walk in a National Park
34 go without sweets & desserts for one month

35 eat at Tetsuya's - Jan 5th, 2008.
36 go to 6 Slow Food events
37 make my blog recipe & review indices
38 attend some sort of food festival
39 make marmalade or jam
40 maintain my food blogging - at least 101 new posts!
41 try 10 new (to me) restaurants in Canberra
42 take a cooking class
43 do a wine tasting class
44 make a Christmas pudding

45 have a bath in my house
46 mulch side garden beds
47 prune dead & annoying tree branches

48 donate $10 per unfinished task to Amnesty International
49 review list of 101 things in Jan 2009, allow swaps
50 think of 101 things to do (with criteria) - finalised 6th Jan 2008.

51 learn a blues/jazz classic
52 go hear some live music that is not blues, folk or choral
53 do an AMEB voice exam
54 learn to play a simple blues piano piece
55 learn to sing with a microphone
56 learn music typesetting
57 learn a classical aria
58 do an AMEB theory exam
59 sing in 5 choir concerts
60 appear in a burlesque show

61 private
62 private
63 private
64 private
65 private
66 private
67 private
68 private
69 private

70 read or re-read 24 popular science books
71 improve my chess (GK rating routinely over 1400)
72 do a motorbike rider skills class
73 have a professional massage 5 times
74 learn better photography
75 make some candles
76 ride my motorbike around the Cotter loop
77 add 101 books to my facebook library

78 have a long weekend in Melbourne
79 go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef
80 have a quiet weekend away with the bloke
81 renew my passport
82 travel in Tibet and China
83 visit Kakadu
84 have a weekend down the coast with the girls
85 swim in the ocean, with surf
86 go camping somewhere
87 learn some Mandarin (101 words/phrases?)
88 take a longer motorbike ride
89 take a train across the Nullarbor

90 get better at SQL
91 tidy work computer desktop monthly
92 spend time properly learning a topic
93 get better at Java
94 learn to use Eclipse for web services
95 read 3 tech books cover to cover
96 go one whole week without procrastinating
97 make a work plan in Jan 2008
98 clean private stuff off work computer
99 do 3 monthly reviews of work plans
100 be more outgoing in asking for help
101 recover fun of programming

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