Sunday, 27 January 2008

Posh Party Nibbles

A cocktail party surely needs more than just a bowl of chips. For our sundowner today I've got:
  • cured salmon canapés;
  • duck rillettes with cornichons;
  • brie and water crackers;
  • mixed antipasto - olives, fetta stuffed peppers, crudités; and
  • a bowl of chips. Tzatziki flavour - wtf?
The salmon canapés are made with slices of home cured salmon, set on a lemon-dill sour cream, set on pumpernickel rounds. The duck rillettes are from the markets; chef Kim's brilliant terrines and rillettes. The lemon-dill mix is trivially easy - mix lemon juice in to desired consistency, add dill and lemon zest until it seems to taste right.

A jug of Pimm's Cup and a freezer of premix mojito slushies, and we're set. Beth has promised her famous artichoke dip, and Belinda mumbled something about date scones.

Then if we go on to barbecue later, I have Country Pride sausages, Kanga Bangas, and plenty of bread and salad fixings. All set. Happy Australia day, everyone. Yes, technically it was yesterday, but the point is the long weekend. 10 minutes to go...

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