Monday, 3 August 2009

Dinosaurs for dinner

This pulled pork recipe works really well with turkey. And since we can now get turkey legs and wings at Woollies, I've done this a couple of times. (Without blogging it, oh naughty me.) My slow cooker is not quite big enough to hold them. I always think it looks like something out of the Flintstones. Giant dinosaurian drumsticks. And since it seems probable that birds are dinosaurs, I'm not so wrong.

It's quite simple - skin the legs, and follow the pulled pork recipe. Let it slow cook for six hours or so, turning the drumsticks occasionally - especially if any bits are sticking up above the liquid as they are in this picture. Cool it down, and then pull all the meat off the bones - note that turkey has some extra cartilage struts compared to chicken. Defat the stock if needed, and return the pulled-apart meat to the tomato/vinegar sauce.

I varied it this time - I used a third of a bottle of Disaster Bay's chipotle sauce instead of the plain chilli flakes. And I added in a batch of cooked black-eyed beans - it's easier to cook separately. Served with coleslaw and fat slabs of sourdough bread - yummy. The Bloke approved.

(BTW, I'm guessing these turkey hunks from Woollies are not free range. Hmm. Again with the consistency problems.)

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Jon said...

We've also been slow cooking this stuff recently. Just before heading off to work, we throw the turkey drumsticks in the slow cooker with lots of fresh garlic, bit of onion, some tomato and seasoning. Around about 10 hours later the things are just melting and our house smells utterly divine :) And it could probably feed half of Canberra.

We like it with a little mungbean sourdough and fresh greens from the garden.

But yup, wish they sold the free range ones!