Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Taste & Create: first impressions

I signed up, I got my assignment, and it's off to view my partner's blog. Stephanie writes Fun Foods on a Budget. She's in many ways my opposite: a homemaker, with kids, from America, and devoted to eating on the cheap. While I'm an IT worker, with cats, from Australia, and happy to spend a lot on my food, as long as it's also good quality, or good ethically - preferably both. Free range eggs and meats cost more, but in my worldview, they're worth it.

So what are we going to cook from each others' blogs? We have until 15 January, so no great hurry. I'm contemplating pumpkin pie, since I've been wanting to try that out. I'm thrilled that her recipe uses real pumpkin, not canned. We don't get canned pumpkin here, and anyway, I hate to use anything canned when I can use fresh. I also thought of something Xmassy, and her cranberry sauce looks great - but we also don't get fresh cranberries here, and even frozen ones are very hard to find. DJs food hall in Sydney used to stock them... Or since it's summer, how about a salad: this wheat and chicken mix sounds good. I've never cooked whole wheat berries before - and I've now learned to my amazement that they have canned chicken in the US. Or perhaps I should do a pizza - Stephanie uses a pizza for her banner, so that's got possibilities. It's not very adventurous, though.

Stephanie, if you've popped over here to have a look, do check out my recipe index. If I may be so bold as to recommend something to you - and all my handful of readers - do try the Roast Tomato and Red Lentil Soup. I really really love it, and it should suit your winter season. Lentils are certainly cheap, though perhaps fresh tomatoes won't be.


Zoe said...

I think you should make the hot tuna salad.

KJ said...

I have a box of frozen cranberries sitting in my freezer right now. I'm pretty sure I bought them in either coles or woolies in Woden. I think the pumpkin pie sounds great.

Cath said...

I've seen frozen cranberries occasionally, too, but they seem to be very erratic in supply.

I'm *not* making hot tuna salad. I might actually like it; I'm fond of the old tuna mornay, but the bloke would run a mile.

I've started on pumpkin pie now.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for giving me the recipe index! I've looked through your blog and bookmarked a couple recipes, and the index should make it easier to choose one. :-) I hope you enjoy the pie!