Friday, 5 December 2008

Internet Salmagundi IX

Happy December! Tim Minchin is a sweetie, and very talented too.

And here's a series of funny Xmas cards. Well, I think they're funny, anyway.

And it's a few days late, but these Advent Podcasts at New Humanist are worth a look. Scientists and comedians say which scientist or philosopher they would like to celebrate, and what scientific gift they'd most like to receive. It starts with Stephen Fry, who I totally adore.

GetUp has a campaign against the stupid internet censorship proposal; go sign the petition.

I've discovered a new Canberra food blog: A Cracking Good Egg. Actually, it's not a new blog, just new to me. KJ beat me onto the Canberra food blog scene, and is kind enough to have a link to me. Added to my Canberra blogger links.

And I've signed up for a community food blogger thing called "Taste and Create". I get to cook something from someone else's blog, and blog about it - and vice versa. Since I use Australian measurements and products, this might led to some confusion.

Bretzel or pretzel, here's a recipe and some history for the soft, slightly bagelly kind. I discovered it while doing some research for a Canberra Times column.


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