Friday, 19 December 2008

Internet Salmagundi X

A Few Things Xmassy:
For the traditionalists, St Philips in O'Connor is doing a Kings College style "lessons and carols" service on Sunday 21st, at 7.30pm. I'm singing. You can, too: there's quite a few audience participation numbers. They're even nice ones like Gabriel's message and Personent Hodie with English words (long ago prophets knew). Definitely not Away in a manger or Jingle bells.

The Christmas story, retold yet again. This is kind of traditional, too.

I MUST have one of these for Xmas!

Also, two turtle doves sounds rather good.

And thinkgeek now has an entire category for kitchen geek goodies. Coooool.

Marginally Xmas-ish:

Everybody loves a strong kickarse sexy woman in the movies - or do they? Is this what we really want? Whose fantasy is it, anyway? Thought-provoking, especially at this time of year when I usually go to lots of movies.

A big collection of choral humour.

And totally non-Xmassy, but cool:
You may have noticed I'm fond of the bioephemera blog; here's another amazing picture from there.

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