Monday, 20 October 2008

Of noms and nibbles

We didn't eat proper meals on the weekend, but we still ate rather well. I made blueberry bran muffins on Saturday morning - my first muffins in ages, it feels like. I do love these, especially the darkness of the treacle flavour. And they're pretty healthy, too.

On Saturday night we ate good old sausage inna bun. When not made by CMOT Dibbler, this can be a very fine thing indeed. Make it with weisswurst from Eco Meats, Beerenburg chilli tomato sauce, Jarlsberg cheese, and turkish bread rolls from Ades in Belconnen, and OMG NOM!!! We had a bit of coleslaw on the side, for veggie content. I just made up a Woollies sweet slaw mix. We both quite like this, as long as it is well within its use-by date, so it's a useful shortcut.

On Sunday we went out for a fancy high tea in the country, and the food was amazing. Our hosts did a fantastic job with it, and we had to try everything. Several times. So after the mini arancinis, and spinach tartlets, and corn patties, and asparagus rolls, and cupcakes, and lemon slice, and almond shortbreads, and baby icecream cones, and chocolate cherry cake, and fruit, there was no way we'd have enough room for a real dinner. Not even with the little country walk to see the cows, and the view from the hill. When we eventually got peckish, we made up some ham and cheese toasties for dinner. Lebanese bread makes quite nice toasties in the sandwich press - they come out flat and crisp, sort of like quesadillas.

In between this, I made some curries for the week, because the bloke requested curry. Quelle surprise!, I hear you cry. This time it's a keema and a spinach dahl. I'll post more on that later.

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Mim said...

Nothing quite like a good sausage inna bun and it's always a great pleasure to encounter a fellow Pratchett fan :)

The blueberry muffins sound good. I've been meaning to start baking things for the kids to take to school, might give them a go.