Friday, 3 October 2008

And off again

Going to Sydney today. I've done the first minor update on the travelogue post.

Back home on the food front I've cooked a spag bol, with regular beef and not any yak at all. Otherwise we've been eating Dickson pide, and Silo bread, and Silo lemon tart. Beth took me to Silo for my birthday lunch, and we shared a plate of sheep and goat cheeses, and a cheese & leek tart. Fantastic - we've been really craving cheese. And the tart is not bad at all, though I do like them more bitingly lemony.

For breakfast today I had my first mango of the season (not counting the brilliant one in Chengdu), and Silo rye sourdough toast. One piece with vegemite, and one with the Tasmanian lavender honey that Beth also gave me for my birthday. NOM!

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