Thursday, 30 October 2008

How to Take a Salad to Work

Sunshine. 25 degree days. It's a good time to eat salad, but how do you stop it going soggy and revolting in a packed lunch? Of course it helps if you have access to a fridge, but a cooler bag will do. This bodgy photo from my phone camera shows today's lunch. (Caution: chocolate component may be hidden.) There are three tips illustrated.

1. Don't dress the salad. The larger box contains dry salad foods - in this case, rocket, baby spinach, pre-cooked asparagus tips, cucumber and ham. Keep the dressing separate and add just before eating.

2. Keep avocado from browning by coating it in the dressing. This is why I have a small box rather than a tiny jar for the dressing. The pink spots are finger lime pearls; this is the last of the dressing from the weekend.

3. Nothing to do with salad, but a cob of corn is nice, and very easy if you like it without butter or salt, just plain. I'm using a Glad steamer bag so it can go straight in the microwave for 2 minutes. There's a "tear-open" strip which would make them single-use, but if you exercise care on opening them up at the ziploc instead, you can re-use these bags. Steam can give you a nasty burn, so be careful.

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