Thursday, 24 July 2008

What we ate this week

Just a quick outline of the menu.

On Sunday I was a bit tired after the Sydney trip, and a rehearsal. I made up a quick microwave risotto and some salad for dinner. The risotto flavours were good - swiss brown mushrooms, Poachers' Pantry smoked tomatoes and fetta. But I find that you do notice the poorer texture of the microwave version more, if you don't have parmesan cheese adding creaminess.

On Monday the bloke and I went to yoga class in Ainslie, and had burgers at Edgars for dinner. This was a disappointment. For $10, with a drink included, I guess it was not too bad a deal. But it was one of the worst burgers I've eaten in some time. The bread and salad and chips were OK, but the patty, supposedly Cajun in flavour, was plain nasty. I remember Edgars being generally quite nice; I wonder if they have a new cook? I still like Edgar's anyway. It's an unpretentious local pub at Ainslie shops; they stock James Squires beers, and do (or did) a decent line in pub grub. I'll have to try again and report back if that was an anomaly.

On Tuesday I had another rehearsal, and after a big lunch (to be written up for a column) I didn't feel like much dinner. I just ate a tomato sandwich on some nice sourdough bread from Dobinsons bakery in Civic. The bloke had ham and cheese toasties while I was out, I think. Wednesday was ham steaks, with green beans and reheated leftover risotto. Tonight it was baked beans on toast - home made baked beans and sourdough toast, not bad at all.

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