Friday, 25 July 2008

Internet Salmagundi III

Yes, I've made another random list of stuff that I found and liked.

What if cookbooks were like D&D manuals?

Why Germany lost the war - not seriously, just a funny picture.

This is a fun geography quiz. I get to level 10 or 11, because my African geography really sucks.

You know how I was thinking Obama was the better choice in the US elections, but these women for McCain make a lot of awfully good points... And Cindy is doing well in the vote for your favourite presidential spouse's cookie recipe! Because that's really important to global security.

Here's a useful idea: the Stupid Filter. Do you get comments on your blog that are just, well, really stupid. I don't, but I read a lot of scienceblogs, and the quacks and fundies are found there in force. Not sure if a post is stupid? Try this.

Speaking of scienceblogs, I found this at PZ Myer's place way back in June: a mostly un-depressing piece about cancer and the need to support cancer research.

It put me in mind of the classic xkcd - Science. It works, bitches. I love xkcd. If I were in Kansas I would probably vote for Sean Tevis, because he's also a fan.

Finally, what's your star sign? Maybe not what you think...

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