Wednesday, 30 July 2008

No more Starbucks!

Hurrah! All four of the Starbucks outlets in Canberra are closing! They are part of the 61 out of 84 outlets that are closing down in Australia. I like to think that this a triumph of good taste. Although given the general standard of coffee in Canberra, perhaps not so much. Now if only Gloria Jean's would follow suit - their coffee is even worse, and the beans ludicrously expensive to boot. And that's not even considering some other reasons that I dislike them.

I'm sorry for the folks who have lost their jobs, though, and especially for the people who were so nice as to provide a spot for the local Bookcrossing group. Maybe they could try opening a cafe? I hear there are going to be a few places available soon.

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jennifer e said...

Yes, do you know if anyone salvaged the books that were left in there? Or what might have happened to them?