Friday, 23 May 2008

Last weekend and its consequences

Last weekend was rather busy for me, and I didn't manage to get much cooking or writing done. I ate out four times - two meals for reviewing (Friday lunch, Sunday dinner); Saturday lunch with the Aussie Bloggers; and a quick lunch between rehearsals on Sunday. We were also out Friday night at The Hive; Saturday night for a friend's birthday drinks; and I had and all-day choir rehearsal on Sunday, with a dance class immediately following. Woah!

I meant to write a bit more about the bloggers' meetup at Lisboa, and Woden shops, but I just didn't get around to it. The bit of writing for the Canberra Times cuts down a little on my blogging. Not only do I have meals out that I can't easily record here, but also I have to spend the time writing up the review.

So how did I manage this week with minimal shopping and cooking? I did a little shop on Saturday in Woden for basic bread, milk & veg. I was able to work from home on Monday, and I assembled a quick curry at lunchtime, using a pack of pre-cut beef and a tub of paste. Basically everything was either quick, or prepared earlier.

We ate:
* Saturday - the briami leftovers
* Sunday - dinner out, to be reviewed in the CT later
* Monday - a Thai Massaman beef curry, with potatoes from the garden & sugar snap peas
* Tuesday - microwave chicken risotto & green veg
* Wednesday - baked potato with chilli con carne, from the freezer
* Thursday - assorted leftovers
* Friday - we're going to Grazing at Gundaroo, for a fabulous dinner out!

This weekend should be a little quieter. We're out for dinner tonight, but it's not for a paid review, and I'm going to a Slow Food wine & cheese tasting event on Sunday lunchtime. I'm hoping to do a good write up on those.

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