Sunday, 16 December 2007

Parsnip & Pumpkin Gratin

The first meal I've cooked in a week turned out pretty yummy. We had grilled roo fillets, with a cajun spice rub. I accompanied the roo with baked potatoes and onions, a parsnip & pumpkin gratin, and some lightly steamed snowpeas. Lovely. There's cream in the gratin, but all the rest is low fat so it's not a heavy meal.

Recipe: Parsnip & Pumpkin Gratin
500g pumpkin
500g parsnips
1 cup cream
3 cloves garlic
a handful of fresh thyme and rosemary sprigs
Peel and roughly chop the garlic. Add it and the herbs to the cream. Bring to a simmer, then turn off the heat and let it infuse for an hour or so. Peel pumpkin and parsnips, slice finely, and layer in a baking dish or pie plate, drizzling strained cream over each layer. Bake for 45 mins at 190C.

Notes: Exact quantities? Meh. Use what you have. Herbs? Whatever's in the garden. Thyme matches the cajun rub, so that's a plus here.

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