Saturday, 1 December 2007


I've been rethinking this blog thing. Actually, Kate Harding made me do it. She's just got into the A-list blogerati, which is a fine achievement for a fine blog. I refuse to countenance the "word" "bloglebrity", despite its use here on the very page that does the classification into list groups. There's a little widget for you to test your own blog, so of course I did. I expected to be Z-list, if there is such a thing. And there isn't, so I make D-list. Wheee!

Apparently, to be influential, you need to post persistently and often. Certainly some of my favourite blogs not only refresh pretty much every day, but even have several posts per day. Kate Harding and PZ Myers spring to mind. But this isn't true of all of them - Clotilde's Chocolate and Zucchini is updated much less frequently.

I'd rather like to be a Clotilde, only for Canberra rather than Paris. That sounds like a comedown, doesn't it? But Canberra has its good side, and Australia in general can easily rival France for quality and variety of food. Anyway, I don't think my posting frequency is going to slow me down. But it is about the quality of the content. And to bring that up to scratch I should consider my hypothetical audience, not just my friends.

So hello, hypothetical audience. I imagine that you are probably from Canberra, or at least planning to visit, or maybe moving here. In that case, my reviews and local activities will be of interest, even if you don't care for my recipes and cooking tips. You might like both, of course, but there's no guaranteed overlap. Or you may be a food-lover who has wandered in from a skeptic or atheist message board, since those are the places I hang out on the net. In that case, a few recipes will be the main thing for you, and perhaps the odd thoughts on topics totally unfoodie. Also, I'm sure I need more pictures. By coincidence, I've just got a new phone with a camera. That should be a bit easier than remembering to dig out the SLR whenever I go out for a meal.

To help keep things clear for this hypothetical audience, I need to have separate posts for separate topics. And things need to be easier to find. So in the interest of clarity, I'm going to create a recipe index and a review index; and before it's too late I will rethink my labels. "Food" was a bad idea, for instance, and I've used it inconsistently. I'm much more in need of a "not food" label. Oh yes, I have one: "blah blah blah".

The management apologises for any disruption to service while this fiddling about is going on. And also for how long it's going to take, because why would I reorganise a blog at the busiest time of year for me, when I've got performances and conferences and all the Xmas prep to do? Procrastination is the only plausible answer, and maybe that's not a good thing. But at least I can start with the multiple small posts vs one big post plan.