Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Bah. I am so sick of being sick. This is my fourth round this season - a cold, followed by a bad cold, then actual influenza, and now bronchitis and tracheitis. Fun fun fun. I am getting very bored. I can't move much without coughing, my brain is too fuzzy to do anything serious, and there's only so much solitaire and Stumble-Upon surfing one can do. I can't phone a friend because talking sets off the cough.

If I actually had a week at home while healthy, there's so much stuff I could do. Singing or piano practice, tidying up, sorting out my tax, cleaning out the wardrobe, gardening, baking... Or even just reading - I've been trying to read Sean Carroll's Endless Forms Most Beautiful and my brain keeps switching off. I did manage to finish Trick or Treat, the new Kerry Greenwood cosy, but I can't remember what happened, or if it made sense. Something about a Melbourne Greek Jews Nazi stolen treasure hunt Halloween revenge murder plot. With witches and cake and bread. Umm.

I am *not* going to cancel the Friday dinner party. I've worked out a menu - mixed antipasto, 7-hour saltbush lamb, creme brulee. Assuming I can shop tomorrow, or even Friday, I can buy some antipasto & green veg. And I have everything else I need. I *will* be better! I have drugs. I'm mixing them with gay abandon - nurofen plus, a nighttime rum toddy, antibiotics, cortisone, multivitamins, cough mixture. Work, damn you , work!

Or I would have everything I need if I hadn't just got word that one person doesn't eat meat. I think I'll just add a quickie spinach & cheese impossible quiche to the mix.

Cooking today: Reheating the chicken, chickpea & potato curry; with a vacuum packed ready-made curry of green things on the side (Mattar mehi). This is voluntary, I must note. The bloke is not some slave driver forcing the sick from their beds. He'd be buying Vietnamese from up the road, or making baked beans and toast, if I hadn't done all the shopping & cooking on Sat & Sun before I got quite so sick.

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Jejune said...

Thanks for dropping past my blog - sounds like we have LOTS in common! I've just joined my first choir (just a little group run by Carers ACT, with Judy Clingan at the helm) and am really enjoying it so far.

LOVE the Dawkins 'A for Atheism' in your sidebar - gotta get myself one of those too. I'm lusting after a t-shirt too! I'm reading The God Delusion at the moment - have been a skeptic for many years, but always keep reading and learning more...

Hope you're feeling much better soon, in time for your dinner party! My hubby and Dotter have been doing the flu these past 2 weeks. It's a nasty bugger, no doubt about it.