Friday, 21 September 2007

It's on

A cancellation and a last minute ring in, and it's six for dinner. I have far too much food. We'll be eating leftovers all week. I decided the impossible quiche was too overcooked for a party, so we'll eat that tomorrow. I'm doing a frittata for our vego instead.

The menu
1. Cocktails and antipasti
of mixed olives, artichoke, eggplant, salami, melon & prosciutto, native pepper cheese dip, duck and peppercorn pate, crackers.

2. Seven hour saltbush lamb OR Baked spinach & fetta frittata
with broccoli, baked fennel and beetroot, roast potato, sweet potato and parsnip.

3. Crèmes Brûlée
with cognac macerated strawberries.

4. Coffee, tea, etc
with almond and raisin chocolate bark.

The bloke is catering drinks, and there's no shortage - martinis, champers, red & white wine, whiskies... I have some Queensland coffee liqueur which I may bring out.

Full report tomorrow.

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