Monday, 3 September 2007


I'm a big fan of Nero Wolfe, the stout New York food-loving detective created by Rex Stout. The books are a joy, and the TV series is magnificently stylish. It bears much rewatching; it's fun to spot the different roles played by members of the ensemble cast. Nero's highest praise is a grunt of "Satisfactory". Nero's factotum Archie Goodwin - fine dancer, stylish dresser and hard man when needed - has on occasion managed "highly satisfactory", but that requires superhuman exertion.

Satis, the new cafe in Watson shops, is eminently satisfactory. The bloke and I had breakfast there on Sunday. Everything is vegetarian and organic, but don't think tragic hippie. Think dark wood and stained glass lights, and Jasper free trade coffee. The coffee is excellent: rich and strong without bitterness, it's among the best in Canberra. The kitchen space is tiny, but turns out lively-flavoured treats. We both enjoyed our free range eggs with chilli-basil-fetta topping, toast and hash potatoes. I must get around to trying the wild rice porridge and home made granola some day. Be there before noon for breakfast. Lunch and afternoon tea are also well catered, with a daily varying soup and veggie burger, and assorted cakes. If you need gluten free there are usually options.

I've been there several times now - it is my local, after all. There have been occasional glitches in the service, but it's friendly, and mistakes are apologised for. If I have any complaint, it's that the salads seem to focus too much on grains - some more leafy greens would be welcome. And that it's too small. I do hope they don't get all flushed with success and move to larger premises somewhere else.

Cooking today: Stirfry veg & poached chicken with chilli jam & cashew nuts.


Trish said...

Hi Cath, stumbled across you recently and have added you to my list of daily reads!

I'm within cooee of Watson too so will pop in on a Sunday morning for brekky soon. "it's among the best in Canberra" is a big call so I can't wait to try the coffee!

Cath said...

Hi Trish,
It's the other side of the IGA from Carlo's. I'll have to check out your blog now... Thanks!

Golden Spider said...

Hi -- if you like Nero Wolfe, there is a LOT of content at, the WOlfe Pack's site. Also has a LOT about the tv series including ensemble cast appearances. Great to see another Wolfe fan on the web!


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