Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Reward Time!

Phew, what a day. I finally managed at 7.30pm to get my php script working - it needed some very non-obvious server environment tweaks. Since I want to demo it at a meeting tomorrow, this is a great relief. Much better than "err, I'm still debugging".

So it's dinner time at last, and continuing my "while the bloke is away" theme, I've made devilled kidneys. Which I will eat with more steamed brussels sprouts, and follow with a treat - a mixed fruit crumble made by my friend Belinda. She macerated the fruit - strawberries, apples, gold kiwifruit - in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. It was great. I'll be reheating it in the oven so the topping stays crisp. Microwaves just don't do the job.

Cooking today: Devilled kidneys. There are many, many recipes for these, but the bottom line is lamb kidneys pan-fried in butter, with worcestershire sauce, hot mustard and chilli. My variant today has also some roast tomatoes and some horseradish. It's important to add the mustard late, because cooking it reduces the heat. And what's the point of a devilled anything if it doesn't take the top of your head off?

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Belinda said...

hey Cath, I'm glad you enjoyed the crumble. it's a purrfect example of a very simple idea which stays great as long as you don't try to get clever with it. I did, and was disappointed (I got all "why not add vanilla paste and clove etc etc to the macerating ingredients, what a waste). this dish doesn't need extras....well, let's not discount custard or cream on top!

You do "proper cooking" even when you do simple work-night dishes. I nearly always do 'no more than 5 ingredients, one pot wonders'. interesting to compare styles. Can we do a hers vs mine blog???