Sunday, 5 August 2007

First Post

Well, here I am joining the blogging hordes. Hello to my fan.

I am surprised that there doesn't seem to be a Canberra food blog out there yet. I'm not in any way a food professional, but I do love to cook, eat and shop for foodie stuff and kitchen toys. I'll mostly be posting about food in one way or another, but who knows what other topics may sneak in. Apart from being a food-lover, I'm also a soprano, motorcyclist, atheist, programmer, wide reader, traveller, chess-player and more. I'm a true Canberran: I was born here before there was a lake, in the hospital that exploded. I have returned here more than once, after spates of living in other places like Amsterdam, New York and Sydney.

Cooking today: old fashioned lamb, barley and vegetable soup.
My bloke is going away for a week, so the perfect choice is something warm and comforting that he doesn't like. (Soup with bits in!)

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