Monday, 6 August 2007

Online grocery shopping? For emergencies only.

Last week I was too sick with the flu to do much in the kitchen, let alone go out into the cruel cold world to shop. So I ordered groceries from Woolworths online. There was no real choice - Coles doesn't do Canberra deliveries. It's, or nothing.

It was very useful on the groceries. The cats got to eat, and there's a good range of the usual tins and cleaning products and so on. But to my surprise, their selection of fruit and veg was tiny. Their real-life supermarket at Dickson has at least twenty times the variety of the online store. I used in Sydney, and they are very much better too - and they are owned by Woolworths. Why? It makes no sense. Ordering from the couch is going to stay an emergency-only choice for me, and even then it has to be a non-urgent emergency - there's no same day delivery here, either.

Anyway, I got a regular old battery chicken (sorry, brainfuzz prevented me remembering to look for free-range) and squeezed over the juice of a lemon. I shoved the lemon rind, plus the spare lemon rind from my honey, rum & lemon toddy, up inside the chook. Then I sprinkled over some mixed herbs, whacked it in a moderate oven with a couple of large baking potatoes, and went back to sleep for an hour. Nuked some frozen baby peas, and so I fed the bloke despite my sickness. Brownie points! You get great lemony pan juices from the chicken.

Cooking today: leftover roast chicken and brussels sprouts. Just microwaving, really.


Anonymous said...

I think online shopping has got better since 2007 when you wrote this, albeit I have no idea whether Coles Online is now available in Canberra (that said they seem to match eachothers pricing so it probably doesn't matter anyway e.g. Coles v Woolworths online pricing

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