Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ask a Question

I keep seeing people asking questions on really old posts. I don't have an alert for that, and anyway they're often not relevant to the post. So here is one you can use for general questions, that I will check more often. I'll link it up the top right with the indices and spam reporting things.


Jens Knudsen (Sili) said...

Any good broccoli recipes?

Pumpkin-eater said...

I'd be interested to hear about your top 10 cheap (ish) dinner spots on the northside, I'm getting bored with my regulars.

Cath said...

Sili, I don't have any broccoli recipes. I tend to just steam it, as a side dish. Or make random winter soup - puree with some potatoes and stock. I should probably go look for some. Any suggestions from you?


Northside dinners... I assume that's leaving out the city. I'd love to hear other ideas from readers. Obviously it's impossible for me to try everywhere, and tastes differ. Tell me your regulars!

Cheap seems to mean ethnic, mostly. Or fish & chips at Flatheads in O'Connor, of course.

In Braddon, Debacle does good food, if you like the big barn style. Cheap pizza on Tuesday IIRC. I also like O Stratos (Greek), and Delissio is nice if it's not too crowded. (Not this time of year!) I haven't yet tried Italian & Sons but Bryan Martin adores them.

Vietnamese: Tu Do in O'Connor is the best, though I keep hearing good things about the one in Macquarie. Pho Phu Quoc in Dickson is rather good and cheap, and works well with large groups.

Indian: Dickson's Bollywood Masala! Though my friend B1 prefers Taj Agra, and I really don't understand that...

Dickson's Turk Oz does the best pide in town, IMO. They have hugely generous serves on their grilled kebab plates, too.

I really like China Tea Club in North Lyneham; they're a good step up from the usual standard cheap Chinese. Good wine list and lots of unusual chef specials, and still not very expensive. King Island beef with wasabi and bok choi, NOM!

Fekerte's Ethiopian does very good food, though the service can be dodgy in my experience.

Other Dickson options - Rasa Sayang is nice but a bit tired; Yum Thai is great (and delivers, bless them!); Firestone pizza & Italian food is rather good; Asian Noodle House is THE laksa destination; Tak Kee for BBQ duck & pork.

Marinetti in O'Connor is a bit variable in quality, but where else can you get a European style duck main meal for less than $20? (Skip dessert.)

Everything else I can think of in the inner North is expensive, or not so great, or I haven't tried it. There's a couple of newish places in Dickson that I must get to sometime.

For fancier dinners, Pulp Kitchen and Lanterne Rooms are my preferred places.

Zoe said...

Secret Broccoli Business

Jens Knudsen (Sili) said...

I usually have them steamed as well, but I had two cheap one left that really were looking the worse for wear, and nothing to eat them with.

I ended up making a soup much as you suggest. Some onion, garlic and stock and then a good walloping with my new (cheap) stick blender. Not inedible, but I should have added a spud, yes - it was a bit thin in the end.

I do have a recipe that bakes the lightly cooked broccoli in the oven in a cheese sauce. Not bad at all. I was just looking for something easier last night.

Cath said...

Zoe, that sounds fabulous. I must try it.

Beth said...

I'm just catching up after some days in Iluka where I lived on coffee and salad because that was all I felt like. Such humidity! BUT, my question is re Shadow. If you're chasing him before work in order to tablet him is there something more sinister than time management happening?

Unknown said...

Where do you buy your duck in Canberra? I mean duck meat for cooking (not which restaurants make good duck).

Anonymous said...

A while ago (few years probably) you compared a few restaurants to discover the best pho..... Any recommendations?

Canberra Environment Centre said...

Canberra Environment & Sustainability Resource Centre is running a weekend Introduction to Permaculture Course, so you can grow your own organic food. Find out more at or email info(@)

Unknown said...

Hi Cath,

Mt name is Sarah Ashmore and I work for Kingsleys Canberra, I am trying to get in contact with you to invite you and a guest along to our Beer Degustation we are holding on the 15th of September.

Please email me at: or call 1300 546 475

I look forward to hearing from you

Ruby Anne said...


I'd like to give a $10 discount voucher to your site which your readers could use in their take-away orders placed on Menulog (1,000+ listed take away restaurants). All they have to do is just type the voucher code (which will be provided upon response to this email) at the check out. This is on top of any existing discounts our restaurants offer to your readers as part of our normal process.

Please let me know what you think.

Ruby Anne

Loz said...

Hi Cath,
I have been searching for talented bloggers who write about sustainability, green products and services, as well as art, craft, cooking, shopping and Canberra happenings to help spread the word about an upcoming event at the Old Bus Depot Markets - Green Savvy Sunday. Let me know if you would like more info - I can be contacted via lauren dot griffiths at threesides dot com dot au.

Cath said...

I'm sorry, I had a blog break that went rather longer than I had intended.

I don't want to attend events, because I write reviews and don't want to get too widely recognised.

I would probably buy duck from EcoMeats in Belconnen Fresh Food Market, or the chicken shop there, although even my local IGA has started selling some.

Umm, does anyone want this menulog thing? Is is still current since I've been away?

Roger, Kaleen said...

Your article today in the canberra times about the slow service at Mezzalira is interetsing. We went to a new restaurant in Dickson called Dzire on the weekend for breakfast. 23 minutes for a coffee order to be delivered, 2 hour wait for 3 x big breakfasts (essentially bacon and eggs) and the place had 10 customers in it. I'm happy to send you the email I sent dzire complaining (after the staff didn't really seem to care on the day). It was apalling, and the worst restaurant I have ever been to. Roger, Kaleen.

sarah said...

Hi Cath,

Would love to have you come and dine with us at Kingsleys Canberra to do another review.

Please contact me at:

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm new to Canberra and it's my birthday soon.

I need help find a place to celebrate with a friend. I'm really into music and would love a place that either:

a) served great meals and had nice soft music or
b) a cocktail bar with live soft music.

You know the kind where it plays in the background yet has some soul to it!!!

Any suggestions?? I can be contacted on

Thans !! =)

pei ting said...

Hi Cath,

I'm new to canberra and craving Japanese.

Can you recommend a good mid-range Japanese restaurant? every review i've read say Iono is good but that's too pricey for me.

i'm particularly craving a good pot of sukiyaki :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cath,

My name is Suze, I work for a PR company called Morey Media. We have a media release going out next week that i think may be of some interest, would it be possible for you to send through your best email contact?



MrButtersox said...


I've just recently started getting back to my polish roots and I was curious if you knew of any deli's or butchers who in the Canberra area who sell polish style meat and ingredients?

Any ideas would be great


LexAequitas said...

Hi Cath,

Just wanted to thank you for the support. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Cath, I hope you see this message and perhaps can help!

I came across your blog while searching for cooks in Canberra. I am Producing a short film from AFTRS in Canberra in September and we are trying to find a way to feed all of our 20 crew/cast over 5 days shoot in South canberra.

We will be staying in a homestead which has a commercial kitchen and are looking for a local cook/chef who may be able to cater for us, while keeping costs minimal - around 8 - 10 dollars a head per day.

if you have anyone you know who may be interested, we would love your help. Please email me

Ciara Hehir

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