Monday, 21 April 2014

Another occasional update

Still not dead! I have had some more exciting medical adventures which I won't be detailing. But I have taken up a little bit of twittering and you can find me here:

In other news, I have seen a great list of Canberra-based food blogs that might interest my one or two remaining followers :)

Also, the awesome Lonsdale St Roasters (blessings be upon them for selling me coffee beans late yesterday arvo, despite their "closed" sign) have just got a new kitchen in their larger outlet, and will be doing some serious breakfasts as of now. I've never blogged about them, since they opened after I mostly stopped, but I do love them.

And finally, I am busy making finger-lime marmalade - my tiny tree produced over 2kg this year. I am using a variant on my favourite Airlie's Seville marmalade recipe and I have no idea if this will work. I'm guessing it should - these are very bitter skinned fruit so the proportions should be about right.