Saturday, 1 August 2009

I finally clicked that "Monetise" tab

So now we have google ads. I have no idea if this will make me any money, or if my readers will instead form a tiny lynch mob with flaming torches and drive me off. So far it seems to be producing sensibly food-related ads. And if you're using firefox & adblock, I'm pretty sure you will see nothing of it anyway.

I'm told that if anything offensive turns up, I can ban them. But I haven't fully learned to drive this thing yet, and my readers may not see the same ads that I do. Let me know if there's anything terrible, and I'll do my best to get rid of it.

Edit: This is amazing - I seem to be getting a lot more page views that I expected. I'd avoided counting before because I didn't want to feel intimidated by a large audience or disappointed by a small one. (Yes, I can be hard to please.) And you guys are clicking on the ads! I actually want to click on a couple of them, but I'm not allowed.

So I now feel, like, all responsible. I've added a link to this post to the top of the left column, as "Report a Bad Ad". Anything that looks nefarious - junk weight loss spams, quack miracle cures, mailorder slaves brides, whatever - please post the URL here as a comment, and I will put it on my ad filter list for bannination with extreme prejudice.

NOTE: Don't bother reporting it, if it appears on this specific page. Talking about dangerous weightloss spam brings it on like Beetlejuice.

Howto note:
My account -> AdSense (wait for load) -> AdSense Setup -> Competetive AdFilter.


Cath said...

Holy crap I've earned 21 cents already. RICH! I am going to be RICH! BWAHAHAAHAHA!

(Hmmm, 21c/day=about $75 a year. I still need that new day job.)

BJ said...

You could skip the day job and cut down, just the TEENIEST bit, on your lifestyle.. surely you fancy gravel sandwiches washed down with gruel? Use your imagination woman!

rpk said...

I got this one:

"My 1 Trick To Lose Fat?"
I struggled for years to burn fat, until I found this 1 secret.

BTW I must have a cookie or something, because I get this or similar ads almost everywhere I go.

I love the blog, I haven't commented before.

Cath said...

Thanks. I'll try and squelch it. They say it takes a few hourse for changes to work through.

Mentioning weight loss spam seems to bring it on! I'm suddenly seeing a lot on dietish ads on this post, when I don't on the main page.

snerd said...

www dot TonyFerguson dot com
www dot GabrielMethod dot com

Not too much to be done about it as you always get something that sneaks through, except perhaps point your readers at Sane Advice.

Cath said...

Done those too.