Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More experimental porridge

My diet yesterday was:
* breakfast - porridge
* lunch - tinned spaghetti
* dinner - tinned chicken soup, with extra frozen veg
* dessert - lemon yoghurt
Oh dear.

I'm not feeling any better this morning. Glands like walnuts, sore throat, earache, headache, hurts when I chew. Blecch. I've been making bad swine flu jokes on facebook. My favourite so far "I called the swine flu help line, but they are overwhelmed. All I got was crackling." (Yes, I do count myself lucky they haven't worked out that way to stab people in the face over the internet.)

Anyway, today's porridge was going to be a sachet of Wild Oats Hot Stuff. I found it in Woollies while I was stocking up on tinned spaghetti and soup on Monday. It's multigrain. Ready in 90sec in the microwave. Made in Australia. Almond and vanilla flavour, and says it's all natural - so I optimistically hope that it has actual vanilla and not vanillin.

Well, I made up the sachet and looked in my small bowl, at the little lump of porridge sitting there, and thought WTF? Who eats this little breakfast? Maybe someone who follows it up with bacon and eggs, I'm guessing. Or a small child.

I give it a taste, and it's so sweet I can't eat it. So I put on a half cup of quick oats (2/3 cup water, nuke for 2.5 minutes) and mixed half of that in. It's quite nice now. There's a reasonable amount, and the sweetness is cut to a tolerable level. Excellent - it won't be a waste, I can eat the rest in a mix with extra quick oats.

Like all sachet cereals, it's expensive compared with making your own. I do like the almonds in it, but you can easily add a few flaked almonds to regular porridge. I also like the fact that it's multigrain. It has barley and rye and linseeds. I want to find multigrain porridge again - I did have a bag of Monster Multigrain porridge, but it's almost gone and I don't remember where I got it. Woollies at Dickson doesn't have it any more, if they ever did.

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kazari said...

Oh no!
I've always loved porridge for breakfast. At the moment I eat it with chopped dates and cinnamon. Well, I do if I get out of bed early enough...
stupid cold weather : (