Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Leftovers for dinner

There's a lot of Easter leftovers - chocolate eggs, chocolates, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate sorbet... Fortunately that's not all. I've managed to make some sensible meals out of the leftovers from other peoples' cooking.

Alex made us a fantastic gado gado for dinner on her last night with us, with a rich spicy coconut and peanut sauce, marinaded chicken, lots of crisp veggies, and an excellent Devils Food Cake for dessert. Leftovers from this made a decent lunch, with some of the remaining cold lamb. Helen's pot roast chicken got converted into a soup, with the few remaining cooked veggies, and some peas and corn from the freezer. It was pretty good, though the whole lemons made the stock a little more bitter than I'd ideally like. My cured salmon, dill & lemon cream cheese, and the zucchini turned into a rather good creamy fettucini dish tonight.

I'm looking forward to a more normal week next week. But we haven't done too badly.

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