Friday, 14 March 2008

It's a Miracle!

Last week I missed the routine fridge clearout, since I was down at the coast. I started on it today, fully expecting some bags of slime to throw in the compost. But no! A bag of Glenn na Meala salad leaves, bought from Choku Bai Jo a full two weeks ago, is still quite edible. The tomatoes, while a little squishy, were still fine for roasting. That's what you get for buying ultra-fresh. I'm impressed.

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BJ; purr said...

I found the same with the veg I bought two weeks ago at Choku Bai-thingy. the cauliflower I dug out last night was a little limp, and I thought it might taste sulphury and flabby, but no, it was fine.

fresh IS best! and the white nectarines, whilst slightly under-ripe for eating over the sink, are excellent for making jam. I bubbled a small batch of very ripe figs with some Choku nectarines and half a lemon (and enjoyed very much knowing that ALL the fruit was totally organic, and most of it from local sources, ie me backyard or someone else's nearby) ... the result was a beautifully purrfumed, fruity but not over-sweet jam. definitely one to try again.