Sunday, 6 February 2011

Developments, mostly in Dickson

The non-Dickson developments are that I've given the blog a super-quick facelift with a standard blogger template. And I've taken up twittering. You can follow me at @CathCanCook if you feel so inclined. I'm not tweeting a lot, since my phone doesn't currently support it, but definitely more than I'm blogging at the moment!

Here's the few new points of note around Dickson.

An Asian supermarket, Asian Quay, has opened on Challis St, where MalAdjusted used to be. If you're worried by this news, do not fear! Mal's lovely bicycle shop has just moved around the corner. It's now in the square behind Zeffirellis. You'll also find a new cafe/bar here, by the name of Dzire, where the much lamented TurkOz used to be. I haven't tried this one out yet, but I will try to get there soon. They have a website at but it's just a stub at the moment.

Asian Quay is a bit different from the other Asian grocers around the area. They seem to stock a lot more vegetarian ingredients than most - veggie versions of instant noodles, oyster sauce, and fake meats from TVP to soy "duck necks". There's also a wider range of sweets, especially icecreams and other frozen desserts. But the veggie section is very minimal; Saigon is still far and away the best for fruit and veg.

Finally, there is a new butcher, imaginatively titled "The Butcher Shop". It's near Woolworths, in the square in the corner. From Woollies, go past the chemist and jeweler, and look to the right, across from the Shiny Things Shop. (Not its real name.) They're in the new tradition of butchers, with house-made sausages and ready made kebabs and marinated ready-to-go roasts. They stock King Island beef. I haven't checked all the details about what's local and what's free range yet, but I can say that the sausages, silverside and lamb chops that I've had so far have all been top quality.


Trish said...

I love the new-look blog!

I've been to the butcher several times. They used to own the Meat Guru in the Canberra Centre (near CityBarn) but sold that and opened this new place. I've had a couple of marinated butterflied legs of lamb, several different sausages, King Island Sirloins, stuffed chicken drumsticks (I bbq'd them then had them cold at a picnic), chicken breasts and an un-marinated butterflied leg of lamb. ALL have been excellent and I've stopped buying meat at Woolies (but will keep buying some of the Free Range stuff at the Farmers Markets when I make it there).

I'm glad Maladjusted is still in Dickson. And I'm devatated that TurkOz has been replaced with a cafe that opted to call itself Dzire. Almost can't bear to go in there but have tried a takeaway coffee and it wasn't too bad.

Cath said...

Thanks, Trish!

(Canberra) City Girl said...

Hello from another Canberra blogger! Love the photo background.

ann said...

I'm sorry I've got news for you. They never owned the Meat Guru - Troy Thompson and Simon Woolford own it - they just managed it and told everyone they owned it - not so well they were given the boot last year.

Anonymous said...

actually ann....they never said they owned it everyone just thought they did because they were the ones who worked themselves into the ground to get that buisness running properly because footballers arnt butcher's there meat heads and thats about it....and thats why THE BUTCHER SHOP is amazingly successfull and since they left the "meat guru" the "meat guru" has become a massive fail....go figure!!

Anonymous said...

If you think "there" meatheads, maybe "your" one "two"