Saturday, 20 November 2010

Ave atque Vale

Hail to the Spring! I got to the growers' market for the first time this season, and it's obviously spring. Fresh new asparagus, garlic, cheap new snow peas and sugar snaps, early heirloom tomatoes, broad beans, mulberries and blueberries - and the first of the stone fruits are in. I didn't queue for a tray of nectarines, but I did buy cherries and blueberries.

Today's breakfast: watermelon, rose petal and green almond jam (from Silo), on buttered sourdough, with a side of fresh cherries and a small fresh squeezed OJ. *bliss*

Farewell to winter. The last of the oranges were there in profusion, and a stall selling fresh squeezed juice. A young chap up the back of the stall was pouring it from the juicer into bottles for easy takeaway. Borenore still has lovely apples from the cold store; it will still be two months for the new season.

And while I haven't been blogging I've noticed a few good things pass. So I'll tip the hat in sorrowful farewell to them now. My favourite pho place, Huong Viet, is now long gone and replaced with a pizza place. The wonderful TurkOz of Dickson has gone, to my great sorrow - they did the best pide in town, possibly excepting Mawson which is a bit far for me to go regularly. And in Manuka, Ironbark has folded, so there's no more of their wonderful native Australian foods - if you want a boab shoot salad or a bunya nut felafel, you'll have to seek out the ingredients and make it yourself. I'm also sad about the departure of El Torogoz, with its authentic central American cuisine. Goodbye and good luck!


LaLa said...

It's nice to finally have some nice weather today to enjoy that delicious brekky!

I'm on the lookout for good pho, what's your second favourite place?

Cath said...

I don't know at the moment. I will have to do more research! Pho Phu Quoc at Dickson is OK, and I suspect Tien is pretty good.

fnkykntr said...

Hello! I like Pide Hut in Lyneham - they do some great pide and also really nice felafel wraps. Might be a good replacement for TurkOz (never went there as there is Pide Hut!). The owners are really friendly too.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It's sad to see that Fresh Mart (the Middle Eastern deli at Jamison Plaza) has closed down too.