Sunday, 13 December 2009

Marketing again

I made it to the Growers' Market again yesterday. They now have flyers with the times. There are two markets left this year:

* Saturday 19th December 2009 8am to 11am; and
* Wednesday 23rd December 2009 Twilight Market 4pm to 7pm.

And then next year they resume on 16 Jan.

In stock at the moment, there is lot of stone fruit, especially cherries. Some early peaches and apricots are out. New season garlic is also in, with big braids of purple, white, Russian and elephant garlic featuring all over the place.

I stocked up on cherries, and bought a few plumcots. Otherwise, I mostly bought bread and meat and salad, as I have too many veggies in the crisper needing to be used up. A good veggie curry seems like the plan for that - and I bought some hoggett chops to make a meat one. I'm also planning a noodle stirfry with fresh beansprouts and the remains of last week's herbs, and I picked up some frozen ravioli. I've got the old tomatoes and a head of new garlic in the oven to roast for a sauce.

I'm intending to go to the Xmas twilight market for a big stock up on Xmas fruit and veg. Maybe flex off work a little early if I can manage it. (Ooh, the novelty of flex!) I'll have family in town by then, so I can take them along, and nonchalantly point out Lindsay and Edmunds, and Robin Rowe...


jessincanberra said...

Oh cool... I will definitely try and make the Weds twilight market..along with most of the northside canberra population I'm sure

sKuvnar said...

Hi Cath,

I just stumbled on your blog whilst searching for cooking classes in canberra. I am a hopeless cook and want to improve...

Would you happen to know any popular cooking classes?

Many thanks

Cath said...

sKuvnar, sorry, no, I don't really know. But check the CIT courses. This one might be a starter:

There are some nice short demos at Cooking Coordinates in Belconnen, but not really systematic for beginners. I think the ones Senso/Flavours is more advanced. Christophe in Bungendore does some lovely French classes that are not too hard, and cover a good range. I keep meaning to do these...

But don't be afraid to experiment. Get a basic book, and follow recipes, and look up any terms you don't know. Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson have beginner books (How to Eat; Ministry of Food) but they are British focussed.