Monday, 5 January 2009

Work and New Yearishness

I'm back at work, but not back "at" work. I'm enjoying working from home at the moment - I see no reason to waste time commuting when there's no-one there to talk to anyway. I've spent the morning clearing out the email, spam, software updates, and doing a general new yearish sort and tidy. After lunch I'll be ready to start on the actual coding bit.

Being at home also means that I can shove trays of maple syrup drizzled apricots and vanilla sugar sprinkled rhubarb into the oven at lunchtime. Both are from the garden - it's my first apricot crop, I got around 1.5 kg of very small but extremely tasty apricots. I've eaten a lot just plain, but I fancied roasting some. I've mostly used brown sugar with apricots, but maple syrup struck me as a fine idea. Breakfast tomorrow will be apricot yoghurt.

Dessert tonight would have been apricots with caramel gelato and honeycomb toffee shards, but I'm going back to my regular plan of desserts being for weekends and special occasions, now that the Xmas break is over. I'll have to save some apricots for the weekend. This is the only New Year thing I'm doing right now. For various reasons, mostly to do with work, I hereby decree that for resolution purposes, my new year will start in February.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cath,
You're blog's great. Very inspirational.
I'd like to know what your short list of recipes are for when unexpected guests pop in, that need to be wined and dined.
I have a collection of tapas/antipatso dishes for when friends turn up. I then resort to pasta or some kind of BBQ when they hand around for a second round of food. However I'm running out of ideas, and they're constantly expecting something new...
I understand it's all about what's in the pantry/fridge and what was baked that day.. but I'd love to hear about what you resort to first when you are bombarded by a bunch of hungry friends.

Cath said...

Thank you.

Interesting question. Actually, I don't often have large groups of uninvited guests, and if I do it's probably going to be the pide house.

Tapas also seem to me to require planning rather than improv. Cocktail party stuff. I like cured salmon a lot for that, it's both easy and impressive. But requires a couple of days notice.

For smaller groups, it would very much depend on what's in the fridge and freezer. Roast tomato pasta is very reliable and I nearly always have some on hand. If not, maybe a carbonara. Or I might think of defrosting some chilli and whipping up a damper or beer bread. Definitely large things.

Random guests not for dinner might just get some cheese and crackers, or a bowl of fruit. Maybe smoked oysters with lime and tabasco, very 70s. Give them enough champagne and there's no complaints :)