Saturday, 22 November 2008

Canberra Handmade Market

I've skipped the EPIC market this morning in favour of a visit to the Canberra Handmade Market. Where, of course, being me, I went for the food themed items. This magnificent stand of knitted cupcakes and doughnuts was made by Posie Patchwork - these ones are purely ornamental, but there are some made as rattles. Belinda does not know how lucky she is not to now be the owner of a knitted watermelon baby rattle. So tempting... This stall also had a lot of patchwork stuff, which my eyes glazed over at, and some very cool retro magnets and coasters. I also bought a little pirate-theme coin purse, umm, well, because, that's why.

It was a delightful place to shop - if I hadn't already done most of my Xmas shopping in China, I might have spent up really big. As it was, I bought some soap from YUUM, and some jewelry: an amazing red coral necklace with all the pieces shaped like chillies, a couple of pairs of silly earrings, and a gorgeous copper and green beaded bracelet. I went with Beth, and on the way home we decided that it was a lot like going to the growers' market. Instead of chatting to the grower of your food, you get to chat with the designer of your jewelry, or bag, or clothes. That direct producer to consumer relationship is a wonderful thing. It doesn't just cut out the costs of the middleman, but gives you that intangible reward of feeling part of the community.

There wasn't a lot of food there, but I did buy up at the CrankyPants stall: an adobo marinade, creole spices, Boston baked beans and a grapefruit marmalade. These people are from Merimbula, and have a stall at the Old Bus Depot markets - which reminds me that it is ages since I've been there. Actually, quite a few of the designers have stalls there, and with Xmas trading on both Saturdays and Sundays in December, that's probably worth a revisit soon.

The handmade market is a new venture, and they're planning to make it a recurring event. The next one will be on 7 February 2009, so put it in your diary and don't miss out. If you know anyone who does food crafts - preserves, chocolates, spice blends, whatever - pass the word on. I understand that the management is looking for more food product stalls.


Roving Lemon said...

Ooooh, I missed the knitted cupcakes somehow! Maybe they all sold out before I got there. I'm so glad I went to this--and it was all because of a comment that someone left on your blog, so thanks!

Cath said...

We were there around 11am-12.30ish, so maybe if you were late. They were on one of the outside stalls, and you can catch these people at the Old Bus Depot market (13/14 & 20/21 Dec) & Hall market (7 Dec).

posiepatchwork said...

Oh thanks Cath for the plug!!
Wasn't Handmade JUST what Canberra needed?? Even the weather couldn't keep people away, what a success!!
I do have more cakes & donuts with & without rattles from $10 if Roving Lemon is keen!!
Next market (Hall on 7th December) plus those 2 double weekends prior to Christmas at Old Bus Depot, i will have the handknitted cookies & a new selection of vegetables with rattles including pea pods, tomatoes, toadstools - yes, red & white toadstools!! Plus rattle free Christmas decoration versions, including GingerBreadMen!! Way too sweet.
So until next time, happy cooking & loving my calorie free knitted offerings!! Love Posie

Liz from Melbourne said...

Many years ago I was visiting Canberra and went to one of the markets. I bought a lovely silk screened lavender eye pillow with a beautiful picture of the "Little Prince" on it. Unfortunately I wore it out. Is anyone selling anything like that still?
Love the blog by the way! Canberra is one of the places I could live if I wasn't here.