Friday, 5 September 2008

Commence Count Down: wu, si, san, er, yi, ling!!!

I don't know if I'll have time for more blogging before I go. Lots of errands to run, and of course the bloody washing machine has to break down now, so I'm off to the laundromat in a minute. I've got a few days before I leave for China & Tibet - departure from Canberra is Tuesday arvo - so maybe I'll squeeze in another post or two if things run smoothly. The bloke is staying here, which helps. No need to organise cat-sitting or fridge emptying.

So far on the food front, I have heard that the Tibetan yak cheese momos are disgusting (ORLY?), that the Szechuanese do not understand the concept of mild food (yay!), that western breakfasts may be hard to obtain (eek!), and that we will be eating Peking duck in Beijing. Or is that Beijing duck in Peking. Whatever. Yay for duck!

Meanwhile, out on teh intertubes: be afraid, be very afraid:

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